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Commercial Remodeling in DFW

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Commercial properties need love every now and then. Outdated buildings can have routine problems that raise your operational costs. Inefficient designs can hurt your workflow, and an ugly building is never good for business.

Nouvel Construction carries out commercial remodeling and renovations across the Dallas/Fort Worth area. When your building needs to address specific issues, we can help you design around them to remove obstacles and help your business run at its best. Our professional construction will produce quality results, and we can work with you to minimize the construction project’s impact on your own operations. Contact us today to get started on your commercial building remodel. 

Benefits of a Commercial Remodel

Commercial remodels and renovations can improve your business functionality in a number of ways. For starters, a good remodel should upgrade workplace efficiency. By designing around workflow, you can create a commercial layout that helps remove existing bottlenecks that bog down your work processes.

While you’re at it, the remodel can also improve energy efficiency. Upgrading windows, lighting, HVAC, insulation, and plenty of other components of the building can help lower utility bills without creating unwanted issues.

If nothing else, a good commercial remodel will improve the value of the Dallas/Fort Worth property. Having more equity in your business property is definitely good for the bottom line. It creates a value reserve that can help when your business needs to spend a lot of money in the future.

Most of all, your commercial remodel changes the feel of the property. That can help instill pride in the workplace, which is good for morale. It can foster positive feelings of trust and security in customers or clients. It can make the entire place feel better, cleaner, brighter, and happier. In all of these ways, a good remodel is good for your bottom line, especially when you let Nouvel Construction help.

Important Considerations During a Remodel

There are countless things to consider during a commercial remodel, but they can largely be broken into three general concepts: you need to know what you want out of the remodel, how much you are willing to invest (in both time and money), and whether or not your business can operate during construction.

For the first consideration, this is all about the planning phase. Are you trying to increase office or storage space? Are you adding functional workplaces to the building? Are you expanding the services offered by your business? Are you simply updating the building because it needs some TLC?

There are countless motivations for any remodel, and clear goals need to drive the process. The goals will help to inform everything else and lead you to make the right decisions throughout.

As for investment, that’s more straightforward. Remodels cost money, and they take time. You need to carefully budget both so that you can negotiate a remodel that puts minimal strain on the business and promises solid returns.

Lastly, depending on the scope of the remodel and your planning, you can either strategize to stay in business or to have a temporary shutdown while the construction is underway.

What to Expect

There are a number of steps involved in a commercial remodel. In some ways, it will be like remodeling any building. In other ways, the planning and execution are more complicated — mainly because the remodel can’t shut down the business for extended periods.

That is why planning is always the first step. You will work up plans for what you want out of your remodel. You will use those plans to get bids from contractors, and you’ll put all of that together to select who is going to carry out the remodel and what they should be accomplishing with their efforts.

After the planning is done and contracts are signed, you will move to the preparation stage. This is when equipment is secured and materials are purchased. This immediately concludes the beginning of the construction process, which starts with demolition.

At this point, the business will be operating according to your original plan. If you can keep working normally during demolition and construction, then that’s what will happen. If you schedule a workplace shut down, the construction crew will move as quickly as they can without compromising safety or efficacy.

After demolition is complete, the new construction starts. Depending on the scope of the remodel, this can take anywhere from days to weeks. Upon completing construction, the crews will clean up after themselves and administer finishing touches.

That’s the whole process, and when it’s done, you’ll have your freshly remodeled building.

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Nouvel Construction is ready to get started on your commercial remodel in Dallas/Fort Worth. Contact us today. We can discuss your plans and help you finalize them. We’ll get you a bid so that you know what to expect, and when you’re ready, we’ll get the job done.