Are Outdoor Fireplaces Safe?

Outdoor fireplaces are becoming a more and more popular and permanent backyard feature. Even in a state like Texas, fall and winter temperatures get a little chilly, and an outdoor fireplace can be a unique and practical addition to property.

While there is always an element of risk with any type of fireplace, when installed correctly with proper ventilation, outdoor fireplaces are just as safe as indoor ones.

Arguably, outdoor fireplaces are more so because they are typically freestanding, meaning they are not near or attached to the house. Many states even have requirements for how far an outdoor fireplace has to be installed away from the house and things like trees and fences.

It is worth noting that in some states, though, outdoor fireplaces can be installed against a house on the opposite side of an interior fireplace. Each fireplace needs its own flue, but it is possible for both an inside and an outside fireplace to share the same chimney even. It’s recommended to discuss options with a contractor who understands the state building permits and regulations for outside fireplaces.

Just as it is recommended for indoor fireplaces, homeowners with outdoor fireplaces should have functioning and inspected fire extinguishers nearby and should understand the basics of home fire safety and protocols (and teach them and review them with their family). A local fire department also has amazing resources for homeowners when it comes to home fire safety, often free of charge.

Types of Outdoor Fireplaces

An outdoor fireplace is designed very much like an inside one.

It has a chimney and is usually made from stones and/or bricks to withstand the heat of the fire. Outdoor fireplaces can range in cost due to the size and the materials used. They can be simple or extremely elaborate statement pieces. Many outdoor fireplaces are also installed as part of a larger deck or patio redesign, and they can truly transform a backyard, making it a popular spot for entertaining guests and holding parties.

There are two main types of outdoor fireplaces, also similar to inside fireplaces:

  • Wood Burning
  • Gas

Wood Burning

There is something so nostalgic and warming about a natural wood-burning fireplace. They are a simple luxury and need simple materials. Wood burning fireplaces also give off that iconic smell that brings back so many memories and just makes you want to curl up with a blanket and mug of hot chocolate.

With that being said, wood-burning fireplaces do take a level of work. You will need a solid supply of wood and kindling, which means chopping and hauling from your own property or purchasing wood for the season. Burned wood turns into ash, so wood-burning fireplaces need to be cleaned out regularly and ash disposed of properly (bonus if you have a garden though, as ash is very useful for soil).

A wood-burning fireplace also needs a barrier called a spark screen. This safety feature ensures no rogue sparks pop and fly out of the fireplace. These rogue sparks can cause accidental burns to humans and furniture and can even catch things on fire, which is not good.


Gas fireplaces are becoming popular for their safety features and convenience, and they still look great and produce a ton of heat. Many gas fireplaces run off of propane gas and are typically installed with their own propane tank attached separately from the house. In some cases, it might be possible to have a gas fireplace run off of natural gas and connect to a line already running to a home.

Gas fireplaces are extremely easy to use and can be turned on and then off quickly. They usually involve a simple button, valve, or switch that starts the flow of gas and ignites it to create fire (think like a grill or a gas stove, it’s the same concept).

Some gas fireplaces even have a remote control.

Gas fireplaces come in a variety of design options. There are some that can simulate real flames with realistic-looking wood and be very natural. Other designs are more modern and creative and do not even try to provide a real fire experience. They have stones or glass rocks, and some are even just waves of flame across an area.

Many homeowners like gas fireplaces because there is no actual wood needed and no ash cleanup. There is also no risk of rogue sparks with gas fireplaces. However, propane and natural gas costs can increase.

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Kitchen Remodel Ideas

In the modern home, the kitchen is arguably the most important room in the house. We often hear kitchens referred to as the “heart of the home” or the “hub of the home,” and it’s truly at the center of the daily ebb and flow of a household.

From brewing the first cup of coffee in the morning to helping kids with homework at the kitchen table to gathering everyone together for family dinner, the kitchen is a popular place with a lot going on.

Due to this popularity, homeowners put a lot of attention into their kitchens. Kitchens are designed to be inviting places where people want to socialize, but they also need to handle the wear and tear of daily use.

Kitchens are also a key factor in deciding whether or not to buy a home. If a seller really wants to catch the attention of a buyer, remodeling a kitchen or making sure it has all the newest appliances can make a difference. So kitchens represent a significant investment as well.

Remodeling a kitchen not only helps ensure that the most popular space in the house is beautiful and open but can also make the space more functional. If you want help transforming your kitchen, call Nouvel Construction.

Kitchen Remodel Ideas

A light, bright, and clean-looking kitchen is always inviting, but it also needs to be able to handle the amount of food preparation necessary for family and guests.

Below we’re going to highlight some of our favorite kitchen remodeling ideas that will help give that central space in your house a fresh new feel along with a touch of practicality.

Open Up the Space

Is your kitchen feeling a little too cramped? Do you have enough counter space to work? Is it a little claustrophobic when everyone in the house is in the space? If so, have you thought about making your kitchen bigger? Kitchens are usually located in an area of a house with non-load-bearing walls, so knocking out a wall completely or opening a wall by creating an archway are two ways to expand a kitchen into a dining or living room space.

Paint Cabinets

Shades of white or lighter color cabinets are still the modern trend in kitchens going into 2022. Darker cabinets are considered outdated, tend to make a space look smaller, and do nothing to brighten a space. A simple paint update might make all the difference to a space. Lighter colors make a space brighter and, more than that, give off the impression of sanitation and cleanliness. When you paint cabinets, you can also add unique little features by replacing handles or knobs.

Neutral cabinet colors are also great for matching. They open up possibilities for creative uses of color in other places of the kitchen, like with a backsplash or with kitchenware.

Speaking of a Backsplash

Installing a backsplash behind your counters or stove is not only great for protecting walls but also allows for a beautiful pop of color or texture in a kitchen. Backsplashes come in a huge variety of colors and designs, allowing homeowners to add a level of creativity to the space. Not only that, but backspaces are designed to last and are made of sturdy materials like ceramic, stone, marble, and glass.

And as a bonus, they are easy to clean!

Maximize the Space

We talked about the potential for opening up a kitchen space, but making sure the space is maximized is another thing to think through. One way to maximize space is converting extra floor space into an island. Islands can look and function drastically different depending on size, so they provide a lot of options.

Islands can expand the food-prep counter space, turn into a bar space for extra seating, extend cabinet and storage availability, and can even hook up to existing plumbing lines for an additional prep sink.

Upgrades Are Always Positive

Everyone loves an upgrade, and the sky is seemingly the limit when it comes to your kitchen space. Whether you are upgrading countertops to the oh-so-popular and durable granite or giving your appliances a facelift, upgrades are positive.

An additional bonus to upgrades is that they often allow for the most efficient products on the market to be featured in a home. Newer appliances, for example, tend to be extremely energy efficient and are saving homeowners a lot of money while also being a more environmentally friendly choice.

Let Us Help With Your Project

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We pride ourselves on providing unparalleled workmanship and efficiency and have over 50 years of combined experience in the industry. We are a name you can trust. We even boast an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, so you can be confident that we are committed to great customer service and customer satisfaction for every job.

Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for Kitchen Remodels

How do you feel about the kitchen in your current home? Is it big enough? Pretty enough? Modern enough?

Does it make you happy?

If any of those questions lead you to think about how you could change your kitchen, you are in good company. Most people want to make some changes in the kitchen, and it’s one of the most popular remodel choices around. People even buy houses just to gain the opportunity to have a better kitchen.

So while you’re thinking about all the things that could make your kitchen great, you should also consider the cabinets you’ll be using. Call Nouvel Construction for help installing your new kitchen. In the meantime, these cabinet ideas can help you plan an impressive kitchen remodel.

Use Hardware as Punctuation

White cabinets are in right now. They are arguably more popular than ever before, and that’s saying something.

And there are good reasons for this. White cabinets really brighten up a kitchen and make it feel light and inviting. White cabinets also provide a clean look.

If you go with white throughout your kitchen, then you need some strong contrast somewhere. Hardware is one of your best resources. Opt for strong colors in your hardware. Metallic black handles contrast well with the white cabinets. Steel-colored knobs could be great too.

You have tons of options, and when you think about how the hardware can really pop against the white cabinets, you’ll find something that you love.

Consider the Partially Open Concept

Open shelving has really grown in popularity. If a kitchen doesn’t have white cabinets, it probably has open white shelves instead. It’s a strong trend.

Open shelving creates an airy look that erases the feel of clutter or having a cramped space. The style is especially nice in kitchens with tough space limitations. But those are exactly the kitchens where you need to get the most value out of every cubic foot of space that you have.

You can combine the ideas of open shelving and traditional cabinets to get a hybridized look. The open shelves break up the cramped feeling of closed cabinets, but you still have cabinets that can help use your space to the fullest.

One thing to keep in mind is that the cabinets will look best in the corners of the room and away from the windows.

Stack Dishes Vertically

It’s been done before, but it’s still a frequently overlooked idea. Stacking dishes also goes great with the hybridized open shelving concept.

So most of your cabinets are traditional in design. But you can have a special cabinet just for plates. It has vertical slots that make it easy to stack the plates, and it has usable space above these slots. You can hold your dishes a little more easily, and you can maximize the spacing to create room for awkwardly sized dishes and kitchen tools.

Explore Color

Exactly because white cabinets are so popular right now, it’s a great time to break away from the mold. You can turn your kitchen into a statement just by thinking about color.

Here’s a simple idea. If you want an industrial kitchen look, you can get industrial colors in your cabinets to match the idea. Metal accents can really make the concept work.

You could go a different direction and bring back the traditional country look with birch-colored cabinets.

Or you can go with bold colors for a modern take on the open, airy kitchen. When you really explore color, you get to consider a lot of ideas and search for something that really speaks to you.

Mix in Display Cabinets

You can alternate between display and enclosed cabinets. This is especially useful if you choose a dark color for the cabinets. The mix of display cabinets adds a lot of light and brightness to the room, but you still get to enjoy the darker colors that you like.

The idea also leads to a more interesting look. It’s an interesting look that speaks to the thought and care you put into designing your kitchen, and it makes for a strong presentation.

Whether you are remodeling a kitchen or building a new home, you always want access to the best. Everyone should have a kitchen that they absolutely love, and that can only happen when you can pick from great resources. You also need competitive professionals to make the changes and install your selection.

For all of these things and more, you can turn to Nouvel Construction. We build homes and perform remodels across the Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex, and we’ll be happy to help you with your kitchen. Contact us today so we can discuss options and get a chance to learn what really excites you in terms of cabinets and kitchen design.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas

A stunning and inviting bathroom can help you greet the coming day in peace and feel relaxed before going to bed. It’s important for a bathroom to be both beautiful and functional. Large bathrooms may offer more possibilities, but there are still many things to consider when remodeling a small bathroom. At Nouvel Construction, we offer bathroom remodeling services in the Dallas area. Here are some great bathroom remodel ideas.

Simple, Clean, and Modern

Think minimalism. Keep floors and walls neatly decorated while aiming for simple fixtures that do not boast many embellishments.

Use of Accents

Create a one-of-a-kind bathroom by shopping around for interesting accent pieces. Find a hanging mirror, reclaimed wood shelving, and a unique rug. Hit up antique shops or home decor stores that offer interesting pieces to find items to sit on your shelves.

Freestanding Tub

A freestanding tub can become a focal point in your bathroom. There are many options available for freestanding tubs. Find one that looks like an antique clawfoot tub or opt for a jet black tub that really pops.

Unique Walls

Instead of going for regular painted walls, make unique walls. Choose one wall to serve as an accent wall or cover all the walls in your bathroom with something other than paint. There are many options. Consider shiplap, wallpaper, or tile. Wallpaper and tiles come in endless color and design possibilities and can match any decor theme you are thinking of.

Incorporation of a Theme

Dream up a theme for your bathroom. This will give you direction as you choose all the features and colors for your bathroom. Here are a few ideas:

  • Industrial farmhouse
  • Rustic
  • Nautical
  • Modern

Luxury Bathroom Upgrades

When remodeling a bathroom, why not add some luxurious features? There are many options out there to make your bathroom more comfortable and functional.

Heated Floors

Stepping out of the shower onto a heated floor is a welcome experience. You can use a variety of flooring types with a radiant heating system to still give your bathroom the look you are hoping for.


Many bathrooms are dark, and a skylight can help to make your bathroom brighter without any worries about privacy. When there is more light in the bathroom, the room feels larger.

Defogging Mirrors

Foggy mirrors can be frustrating when you step out of the shower, and there are many options out there today to remedy this problem. You can buy mirrors with defogging systems already built-in or purchase a system to install with a mirror that you already have.

Glass Shower Enclosure

Installing a glass shower enclosure makes your shower feel more open and spacious. When you utilize glass in your shower, it feels like it is part of the bathroom and not wasted space. Choose frosted glass if you prefer some privacy while in the shower.

Vanity Underlighting

Putting lights under your vanity may seem a little strange, but it can serve several purposes. Vanity underlighting can provide a pleasant night light or simply bring light to the dark corners of your bathroom. This will make the space seem brighter and more inviting.

Heated Towel Rail

Just as heated floors are nice when you step out of the shower, so are heated towels. Install a heated towel rail to warm your towels as you are getting clean. Choose a basic one or go for one that is decorative and makes a statement.

Ideas for Small Bathrooms

If you are remodeling a small bathroom, there are many great ideas to make your small space shine and feel more organized.

Clear Out Clutter

Small bathrooms just don’t have room for clutter. When you are going through a bathroom remodel, remove everything from your bathroom and make sure nothing that is expired or does not get used makes it back in. Use a linen closet or other space to store rarely used items. When you put your items back in your bathroom, make sure to do so in an organized way.

Create Systems for Organization

Purchase storage crates, baskets, or bins that all match and look nice in the style you have chosen for your bathroom. Use these to hold all the small items you need to store in the bathroom. This will keep the space neat, tidy, and organized.

Utilize Space-Saving Bathroom Items

If you are picking out a new tub, vanity, toilet, and mirror, look for space-saving options. Small bathrooms will feel crowded if you choose large items. Also, look for ways to incorporate more storage in your small bathroom, such as floating shelves over the toilet, a medicine cabinet instead of a mirror, and a cabinet with drawers.

Remodel Your Bathroom With Nouvel Construction

Create the bathroom you have always been dreaming of with the help of Nouvel Construction. We can help you with any of your Dallas home remodeling needs. Contact us today for an estimate.

How to Plan a Kitchen Remodel

You struggle to use your kitchen. Maybe it’s dated. Or maybe you just don’t like it. A kitchen should feel like a home. And often, the look and feel of your house can be strongly impacted by a home remodel.

But where do you even get started? The kitchen is often the most complex room in a house. By taking it step by step, you can get the kitchen (and home) of your dreams.

Start With Your Budget

How much can you spend? Remodeling might actually be more than you think; a kitchen remodel is extensive. It can cost tens of thousands of dollars. But it also increases the value of your property. Many homeowners take out an equity loan specifically to complete a home remodel. Even though the remodel costs some money, it actually makes them money too.

Consider that you could have a $200,000 home that you own outright. If you invest $25,000 in a kitchen remodel, you improve the value of your home by $10,000. Now you have a $25,000 equity loan out, but your property is valued at $210,000. The kitchen remodel didn’t cost you $25,000. It cost you $15,000.

If you’re not going to be funding your remodel with cash, this may be the step during which you go to your lender and find out how much you can spend. Before you have a budget, it’s very hard to make any meaningful decisions regarding what you want. Everything from counters to appliances will have a significant range in pricing.

Make a List of Needs and Wants

Realistically, we can’t always get everything we want. But hopefully, we can get what we need. Make a list of your desires versus the things that you really need in a kitchen remodel.

It may be that you want a commercial range, but you need a granite counter. It may be that you want a trash compactor, but you need a two-bay sink. Your needs don’t have to be literally “I will die without this,” but they should be things that, without which, it wouldn’t be necessary to do a remodel at all.

The worst thing you can do is engage in an expensive remodel that still leaves you feeling unsatisfied. You need to feel happy and comfortable with the results of the remodel while also staying within your budget. So you may need to trade off a couple of your wants for some of your needs.

Start a Scrapbook

Gone are the days of magazine clippings. Now you can turn to Pinterest. Start saving images that you love. This will become a style book that you can show to a professional designer and contractor.

They will be able to incorporate all the features that you desire into a single, cohesive display. Perhaps you love shiplap and antique fixtures. Maybe you love butcher block counters and French cottages. Whatever the case, your designer will be able to create a lovely kitchen design.

For ideas, you can look through interior magazines, join interior design Facebook groups, and follow Instagram pages. There are also television shows regarding home remodeling and YouTube videos.

Consider that there are some looks that have lasting appeal and some that may look dated within a few years. Usually, you should avoid any trends that have cropped up within just a year or two because you don’t know what their staying power might be.

If you really love something, of course, it’s worthwhile, but if you want to sell your home someday, you might err on the side of timeless.

Talk to the Professionals

Once you have your budget and scrapbook in hand, it’s time to turn it over to your interior design team. They will actually price out all the changes that you want and tell you what you can get while still staying within your budget.

Mind you, there are still some things you’ll need to handle on your own. Will your kitchen remodel require you to move out for a time? Will you be unable to cook in your kitchen for a week or two? If so, it may be time to visit family.

Get Started!

The remodel professionals will ensure that your project has a complete roadmap — a plan from start to finish. Your only job at this point will be waiting until it’s all done and you’re left with the remodel of your dreams. Here at Nouvel Construction, we can give your kitchen a new beginning with kitchen design and remodeling services in Dallas and the surrounding areas. Are you thinking about a kitchen remodel? Once you figure out your budget, your first step should be to consult with a professional. Talk to Nouvel Construction today to get started. Or get an estimate online.