How to Plan a Kitchen Remodel

You struggle to use your kitchen. Maybe it’s dated. Or maybe you just don’t like it. A kitchen should feel like a home. And often, the look and feel of your house can be strongly impacted by a home remodel.

But where do you even get started? The kitchen is often the most complex room in a house. By taking it step by step, you can get the kitchen (and home) of your dreams.

Start With Your Budget

How much can you spend? Remodeling might actually be more than you think; a kitchen remodel is extensive. It can cost tens of thousands of dollars. But it also increases the value of your property. Many homeowners take out an equity loan specifically to complete a home remodel. Even though the remodel costs some money, it actually makes them money too.

Consider that you could have a $200,000 home that you own outright. If you invest $25,000 in a kitchen remodel, you improve the value of your home by $10,000. Now you have a $25,000 equity loan out, but your property is valued at $210,000. The kitchen remodel didn’t cost you $25,000. It cost you $15,000.

If you’re not going to be funding your remodel with cash, this may be the step during which you go to your lender and find out how much you can spend. Before you have a budget, it’s very hard to make any meaningful decisions regarding what you want. Everything from counters to appliances will have a significant range in pricing.

Make a List of Needs and Wants

Realistically, we can’t always get everything we want. But hopefully, we can get what we need. Make a list of your desires versus the things that you really need in a kitchen remodel.

It may be that you want a commercial range, but you need a granite counter. It may be that you want a trash compactor, but you need a two-bay sink. Your needs don’t have to be literally “I will die without this,” but they should be things that, without which, it wouldn’t be necessary to do a remodel at all.

The worst thing you can do is engage in an expensive remodel that still leaves you feeling unsatisfied. You need to feel happy and comfortable with the results of the remodel while also staying within your budget. So you may need to trade off a couple of your wants for some of your needs.

Start a Scrapbook

Gone are the days of magazine clippings. Now you can turn to Pinterest. Start saving images that you love. This will become a style book that you can show to a professional designer and contractor.

They will be able to incorporate all the features that you desire into a single, cohesive display. Perhaps you love shiplap and antique fixtures. Maybe you love butcher block counters and French cottages. Whatever the case, your designer will be able to create a lovely kitchen design.

For ideas, you can look through interior magazines, join interior design Facebook groups, and follow Instagram pages. There are also television shows regarding home remodeling and YouTube videos.

Consider that there are some looks that have lasting appeal and some that may look dated within a few years. Usually, you should avoid any trends that have cropped up within just a year or two because you don’t know what their staying power might be.

If you really love something, of course, it’s worthwhile, but if you want to sell your home someday, you might err on the side of timeless.

Talk to the Professionals

Once you have your budget and scrapbook in hand, it’s time to turn it over to your interior design team. They will actually price out all the changes that you want and tell you what you can get while still staying within your budget.

Mind you, there are still some things you’ll need to handle on your own. Will your kitchen remodel require you to move out for a time? Will you be unable to cook in your kitchen for a week or two? If so, it may be time to visit family.

Get Started!

The remodel professionals will ensure that your project has a complete roadmap — a plan from start to finish. Your only job at this point will be waiting until it’s all done and you’re left with the remodel of your dreams. Here at Nouvel Construction, we can give your kitchen a new beginning with kitchen design and remodeling services in Dallas and the surrounding areas. Are you thinking about a kitchen remodel? Once you figure out your budget, your first step should be to consult with a professional. Talk to Nouvel Construction today to get started. Or get an estimate online.