New Home Construction in Dallas/Fort Worth

New Home Construction

house under construction

At Nouvel Construction, we build homes. We do commercial construction for apartments and property investors. We work with duplex designs, condos, and townhouses. But at the core of it all, we build new homes for individuals and families who are ready to move into a house. Homeownership is a special part of life in North Texas, and we take pride in being a part of that.

There is plenty of room for customization with our new homes, or you can keep things simple and maximize affordability. When it comes to building a new home, Nouvel Construction has the skills, experience, and resources to make it happen. Reach out to us today to get in contact with our Dallas/Fort Worth new home builders. 

Custom Homes

Anyone who has ever envisioned a dream home understands the value of custom home construction. This is what you need to get the exact home you want, down to the last details. Custom homes do not rely on cookie cutter designs and overplayed styles.

Instead, when you build a custom home, you work with a developer to lay out the floor plan. From there, you can choose details as minutely as you like. Our experts will work to help you find the best of every amenity, but ultimately, this method of home ownership is all about freedom.

Once planned, we construct the house to your exact specifications. When we’re done, you’ll have a truly custom home that can’t be duplicated anywhere in the world. Most importantly, it will be the home you envisioned from the start. When you’re ready to get to work on a custom home build in Dallas/Fort Worth, contact the team at Nouvel Construction.


Duplexes are one of the best ways to enter into rental real estate. The efficient construction makes them far less expensive per square foot than a standard house. For the same construction cost, you can get two units instead of one. Once you rent out your duplex, overall revenue per square foot is much higher than a single house on the same lot could produce.

Duplexes shore up your portfolio by maximizing income and building quick equity. In many cases, a single unit covers the cost of ownership while the second unit brings in near-total profit.

Nouvel duplexes are always made to our high construction standards. Your new duplex will be modern and competitive in an ever-changing rental market. Contact us for duplex construction in Dallas/Fort Worth.


Townhomes represent an amazing possibility for owning a rental or saving money on a nice home. Townhouses typically cost less to produce and own, even though they provide the same amenities and level of comfort as traditional housing.

The lower construction costs make townhomes an excellent choice for aspiring investors looking to get a rental property up and running. You can get more than one unit in your first investment, and they will build equity faster than many other rental options, even while they generate good revenue.

For prospective homeowners, a townhome can allow you to get the floor plan you need without having to pay for a more expensive lot or build. Townhomes are a great first home, and they’re wonderful for anyone looking to downsize. Contact Nouvel Construction for townhouse construction in Dallas/Fort Worth.

Spec Homes

For new home buyers who want to get it right from the start, spec home construction is the perfect answer. Nouvel Construction spec homes are move-in ready. That means you have a functional home that is ready for you today, not at some undetermined time in the future. With a spec home, you’re buying a completed construction project, even though it has no previous owners. You can walk through the home right now and see what you’re really getting.

Spec homes can save money, reduce risk, and improve livability. Instead of planning what a home could be, you’re getting something that is already fantastic. You don’t have to worry about out-of-date floor plans or appliances. You don’t have to settle for something that is close to what you want but will require a few years’ worth of progressive renovations. Spec homes are all about the here and now, and that’s why they’re perfect for many new home buyers and first-time homeowners.

Contact Us for New Home Construction in DFW

When you’re ready to get a serious start on your new home in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, contact Nouvel Construction. We’ll start by discussing options with you. Once you understand everything that is available, you can start laying down what you want out of the new construction. We’ll go over it in absolute detail, and when you’re ready, we’ll begin construction.

You can have an amazing new home that is built exactly the way you want it. You can invest in an amazing property and improve your daily life. We’re here for all of it. Let us get started making your new home today.