Kitchen Remodel Ideas

In the modern home, the kitchen is arguably the most important room in the house. We often hear kitchens referred to as the “heart of the home” or the “hub of the home,” and it’s truly at the center of the daily ebb and flow of a household.

From brewing the first cup of coffee in the morning to helping kids with homework at the kitchen table to gathering everyone together for family dinner, the kitchen is a popular place with a lot going on.

Due to this popularity, homeowners put a lot of attention into their kitchens. Kitchens are designed to be inviting places where people want to socialize, but they also need to handle the wear and tear of daily use.

Kitchens are also a key factor in deciding whether or not to buy a home. If a seller really wants to catch the attention of a buyer, remodeling a kitchen or making sure it has all the newest appliances can make a difference. So kitchens represent a significant investment as well.

Remodeling a kitchen not only helps ensure that the most popular space in the house is beautiful and open but can also make the space more functional. If you want help transforming your kitchen, call Nouvel Construction.

Kitchen Remodel Ideas

A light, bright, and clean-looking kitchen is always inviting, but it also needs to be able to handle the amount of food preparation necessary for family and guests.

Below we’re going to highlight some of our favorite kitchen remodeling ideas that will help give that central space in your house a fresh new feel along with a touch of practicality.

Open Up the Space

Is your kitchen feeling a little too cramped? Do you have enough counter space to work? Is it a little claustrophobic when everyone in the house is in the space? If so, have you thought about making your kitchen bigger? Kitchens are usually located in an area of a house with non-load-bearing walls, so knocking out a wall completely or opening a wall by creating an archway are two ways to expand a kitchen into a dining or living room space.

Paint Cabinets

Shades of white or lighter color cabinets are still the modern trend in kitchens going into 2022. Darker cabinets are considered outdated, tend to make a space look smaller, and do nothing to brighten a space. A simple paint update might make all the difference to a space. Lighter colors make a space brighter and, more than that, give off the impression of sanitation and cleanliness. When you paint cabinets, you can also add unique little features by replacing handles or knobs.

Neutral cabinet colors are also great for matching. They open up possibilities for creative uses of color in other places of the kitchen, like with a backsplash or with kitchenware.

Speaking of a Backsplash

Installing a backsplash behind your counters or stove is not only great for protecting walls but also allows for a beautiful pop of color or texture in a kitchen. Backsplashes come in a huge variety of colors and designs, allowing homeowners to add a level of creativity to the space. Not only that, but backspaces are designed to last and are made of sturdy materials like ceramic, stone, marble, and glass.

And as a bonus, they are easy to clean!

Maximize the Space

We talked about the potential for opening up a kitchen space, but making sure the space is maximized is another thing to think through. One way to maximize space is converting extra floor space into an island. Islands can look and function drastically different depending on size, so they provide a lot of options.

Islands can expand the food-prep counter space, turn into a bar space for extra seating, extend cabinet and storage availability, and can even hook up to existing plumbing lines for an additional prep sink.

Upgrades Are Always Positive

Everyone loves an upgrade, and the sky is seemingly the limit when it comes to your kitchen space. Whether you are upgrading countertops to the oh-so-popular and durable granite or giving your appliances a facelift, upgrades are positive.

An additional bonus to upgrades is that they often allow for the most efficient products on the market to be featured in a home. Newer appliances, for example, tend to be extremely energy efficient and are saving homeowners a lot of money while also being a more environmentally friendly choice.

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