Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for Kitchen Remodels

How do you feel about the kitchen in your current home? Is it big enough? Pretty enough? Modern enough?

Does it make you happy?

If any of those questions lead you to think about how you could change your kitchen, you are in good company. Most people want to make some changes in the kitchen, and it’s one of the most popular remodel choices around. People even buy houses just to gain the opportunity to have a better kitchen.

So while you’re thinking about all the things that could make your kitchen great, you should also consider the cabinets you’ll be using. Call Nouvel Construction for help installing your new kitchen. In the meantime, these cabinet ideas can help you plan an impressive kitchen remodel.

Use Hardware as Punctuation

White cabinets are in right now. They are arguably more popular than ever before, and that’s saying something.

And there are good reasons for this. White cabinets really brighten up a kitchen and make it feel light and inviting. White cabinets also provide a clean look.

If you go with white throughout your kitchen, then you need some strong contrast somewhere. Hardware is one of your best resources. Opt for strong colors in your hardware. Metallic black handles contrast well with the white cabinets. Steel-colored knobs could be great too.

You have tons of options, and when you think about how the hardware can really pop against the white cabinets, you’ll find something that you love.

Consider the Partially Open Concept

Open shelving has really grown in popularity. If a kitchen doesn’t have white cabinets, it probably has open white shelves instead. It’s a strong trend.

Open shelving creates an airy look that erases the feel of clutter or having a cramped space. The style is especially nice in kitchens with tough space limitations. But those are exactly the kitchens where you need to get the most value out of every cubic foot of space that you have.

You can combine the ideas of open shelving and traditional cabinets to get a hybridized look. The open shelves break up the cramped feeling of closed cabinets, but you still have cabinets that can help use your space to the fullest.

One thing to keep in mind is that the cabinets will look best in the corners of the room and away from the windows.

Stack Dishes Vertically

It’s been done before, but it’s still a frequently overlooked idea. Stacking dishes also goes great with the hybridized open shelving concept.

So most of your cabinets are traditional in design. But you can have a special cabinet just for plates. It has vertical slots that make it easy to stack the plates, and it has usable space above these slots. You can hold your dishes a little more easily, and you can maximize the spacing to create room for awkwardly sized dishes and kitchen tools.

Explore Color

Exactly because white cabinets are so popular right now, it’s a great time to break away from the mold. You can turn your kitchen into a statement just by thinking about color.

Here’s a simple idea. If you want an industrial kitchen look, you can get industrial colors in your cabinets to match the idea. Metal accents can really make the concept work.

You could go a different direction and bring back the traditional country look with birch-colored cabinets.

Or you can go with bold colors for a modern take on the open, airy kitchen. When you really explore color, you get to consider a lot of ideas and search for something that really speaks to you.

Mix in Display Cabinets

You can alternate between display and enclosed cabinets. This is especially useful if you choose a dark color for the cabinets. The mix of display cabinets adds a lot of light and brightness to the room, but you still get to enjoy the darker colors that you like.

The idea also leads to a more interesting look. It’s an interesting look that speaks to the thought and care you put into designing your kitchen, and it makes for a strong presentation.

Whether you are remodeling a kitchen or building a new home, you always want access to the best. Everyone should have a kitchen that they absolutely love, and that can only happen when you can pick from great resources. You also need competitive professionals to make the changes and install your selection.

For all of these things and more, you can turn to Nouvel Construction. We build homes and perform remodels across the Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex, and we’ll be happy to help you with your kitchen. Contact us today so we can discuss options and get a chance to learn what really excites you in terms of cabinets and kitchen design.